Web & UX/UI

Problem solving with simplicity

Web Design

A well designed web site is easy to use, easy to navigate and doesn't frustrate your user. A web site is an interactive experience and should be a pleasant one. A web site that is clean, un-cluttered and nice to look at gives the user a good impression of the content they're viewing.



A UX/UI process should be all about problem solving. What does the user need? Will their experience be useful and easy to understand? The role of a designer is to simplify the user experience. Keep it simple.

The Problem

Our client wanted to be a player and stand out in a competitive market. They are a tax and accounting firm that was losing clients to some of the bigger tax prep and accounting companies. My role, as a UX/UI designer was to highlight their strengths through a user experience, that showcased their brand with simplicity and ease.

The Research

After speaking with the CEO and conducting research about the company's user and performance trends, I quickly realized that most users in this industry are looking for an immediate benefit when they visit a tax site. Information needs to be easy to find and the user wants to feel rewarded for their interest and time.

Visual Research


The Goal

After speaking with their marketing and strategy team, we decided that access to the most pertinent information was top priority. Engaging users with incentives and promotions were also front runners.


Simplify the current, cluttered experience. Keep users engaged with easy to understand incentives and promos. Create a strong brand identity and online presence that can compete with the big boys.

Ideation Sketch

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 12.33.11 AM.png

Lo-Fi Wireframes

Final Design

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 12.27.11 AM.png